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Survival Story: SHE NOW OWNS A SMILE

Momay was rescued from a very dangerous situation. With her mother deceased and her father an alcoholic, she was left alone with several men night after night at her father’s construction work site while he was passed out drunk. She was a prime target for traffickers to take her into the slave trade.

Thankfully, we were told of her situation and brought her to ZOE Children’s Homes. She came wearing a worn dusty dress and carrying a small plastic grocery bag which contained all of her earthly possessions. A smile was not something she seemed to have in her plastic bag or in her heart.

She was timid and withdrawn when she first walked through our doors, but within weeks as we showered her with love and care, she blossomed. She became a joyful, hopeful and playful little girl, able to love and be loved. She now owns a smile. She now holds in her heart a promising future. She is no longer marked to be a victim for traffickers; and she will never again be one!

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