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Survival Story: The 3 Amigos

ZOE rescued three teenage boys from a brothel.  The oldest boy – and the biggest and strongest of the three – was literally an enforcer at the brothel. His job was to make sure the other younger boys, including the two we rescued with him, were doing their ‘jobs.’  If they weren’t, he would beat them.

It was quite a tense situation after their rescue when they came and were integrated into the Children’s Home.  Naturally, the two younger boys despised the older one fervently.

Well, one evening a week, we have a time of prayer when the entire ZOE family – children, staff, ministry school students, and missionaries – gathers in the worship room to pray for an hour.  It’s a very special and anointed time.  We turn the lights down soft, play some inspiring worship music, and everyone prays in his or her own style on their own or goes about praying for others.

During one prayer night, one of the missionaries was sitting by the older boy.  The two other boys were walking around praying for other people.  As they neared the older boy, one said, “Let’s pray for him.”  But the other boy said, “No”, and they walked away.  A little while later the two boys returned and started praying for him.  At that point, the older boy put his arms around the two younger ones and all three began praying for each other.

After that night of prayer, those three boys were like the Three Musketeers or Three Amigos of the ZOE Children’s Homes!

We see that kind of spiritual and emotional healing on a regular basis at ZOE and it fuels our passion to keep going in the face of some of the awful things we encounter in the arena of human trafficking.

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