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Kids Are Making an Impact in Pennsylvania!

Petra Church Uses Kids Helping Kids

This summer has been a busy season for ZOE’s Kids Helping Kids program. The feedback we have been receiving from those who participated have been overwhelming. Teaching children about missions and to be cheerful givers opens their minds and hearts at a young age. Petra Church in New Holland, PA, did just that. Take a look at how they incorporated the program during this year’s Vacation Bible School.

How did you hear about the Kids Helping Kids program?

From a couple at our church who moved to Thailand to serve as ZOE missionaries. One of their Missionary support team members mentioned that ZOE had coin tubes, which started my “investigation” into seeing what ZOE had available for our Children’s Ministry.

How many children participated in your program?


What did you like about the program?

There are many things that I like about Kids Helping Kids. The ZOE staff was wonderful to work with. They answered my questions thoroughly and promptly. They followed up on the items I needed assistance with. I especially appreciate the sensitivity with which they handled the nature of the ministry—both protecting the privacy of the children in Thailand and guarding the hearts of the children who were giving. I appreciate the generosity of ZOE in providing us with the resources—coin tubes, posters, booklets, e-files, videos, everything we needed to make our Vacation Bible School mission focus a success. I especially appreciate the fact that their staff prayed us through our VBS week. It felt as if we were truly partners in ministry.

Did your children have fun collecting change for the children in Thailand?

Oh.my.goodness. YES! Our children gave an offering every night. They would empty their coin tubes into the offering buckets and return each night with full tubes to empty again. We set a goal of $2,000, but ended up raising over $3,000! To make it easier for the kids to picture, we focused on raising enough money to buy 2,000 pairs of sandals. We selected this from the ZOE poster. Each night, we would count the offering while the kids were participating in their VBS activities and announce the cumulative total in sandals visually on large screens at the front of the sanctuary. We ended up needing to count by 100s just to save time!

If you are interested in using our Kids Helping Kids program at your church, school or even just with your kids at home, let us know! We look forward to being a part of helping your kids learn that no matter their age, they can make a difference in the lives of people!

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