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Freedom from the past

For anyone visiting ZOE Children’s Home in Thailand, it is easy to quickly forget the deeply tragic pasts that are masked behind the many smiling faces of our children.

If you spent time with the kids, you would never suspect the great pain they have endured in their short lives. Their joyful smiles and playful spirits usually disguise devastating human trafficking stories. This is why it is so important for ZOE to provide not only a loving family for each child who comes to live with us, but also professional clinical care.

A staff of social workers, a Thai psychologist, and a translator make up the small clinical team at ZOE. Our heart and vision for this team is to provide a place of healing for ZOE children. Through assessments, counselling sessions, and group therapy meetings; we are able to assess each child’s need and develop a plan to help them meet their goals.

Our clinical team loves every one of our ZOE kids and feels honoured to walk alongside them in their recovery. Through the utilisation of play & art therapy as well as trauma-informed therapy, we are able to meet our children where they are and help them to share their story. As the children go through counselling, they have an opportunity to share their darkest secrets, biggest fears, and most shameful moments. When these kids realise they are still accepted and loved after sharing, they are able to begin experiencing freedom from their past. As each child learns to let go of the lies they have been forced to believe whilst being trafficked, they can finally begin to know the truth — that they are valued and they are cherished.


Below is a short story of one boy’s healing through counselling written by one of the counselling team:



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