April 11, 2016 - Comments Off on What is child advocacy?

What is child advocacy?

In 2015 the ZOE Child Rescue team provided 967 hours of child advocacy.

For those of you who may wonder just what child advocacy involves … something that is very complex can be simply explained in terms of management, referrals and procedures.

More specifically child advocacy includes many aspects such as:

  • managing court protection and preparing ZOE children for Court Hearings
  • managing transportation and protection of ZOE children for police interviews
  • managing family assessments and maintaining communication with ZOE children’s families
  • liaising with ZOE children’s schools
  • working towards procurement of citizenship for ZOE children
  • arranging family visits for ZOE children
  • facilitating medical checks / visits for ZOE children
  • investigation of child referrals and assessment
  • victim screening including Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings about each child's case
  • facilitating victim compensation meetings and repatriation procedures
  • responding to social work requests from the ZOE think tank team


When we stop and think about it, 967 hours doesn't really seem much. The issue ought not to be just how many children are being rescued — but more significantly how many more lives are there who need rescuing? The need is great and that why we are here!

May we not get too caught up in statistics or the issues of management, referrals and procedures; but let us focus on the task at hand - the needs of that one child who is valuable and precious in need of rescuing.#torescueoneisworthit

Published by: Gary Lewis in Restoration, Trafficking Prevention

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