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Are We Rich?

A few nights ago over dinner, one of our children asked us, “Are we rich?”

This led to a long discussion whereby we turned some questions back to them, “Do you go to school?” “Do you always have enough to eat?” “Do we have a house to live in?” “Do you know about God?”

At the end of the conversation, it was concluded by us all that, “Yes! We are rich.”

Recently it came to my attention that an Australian lady by the name of Jenny had made a donation to ZOE.

After reading an email that she sent to us, her words struck me.

“…the reason I give 100% of the profits is because here in Australia we are so blessed and have so much 'stuff'.

While my husband and I are not rich in Western terms we are when compared to the majority of the world.”

I’m sure you’ve heard it said…

If you have food in your fridge

I’m always encouraged by hearing stories about Everyday Heroes. Everyday Heroes are just ordinary people using their interests, hobbies and skills to make a difference in the world and help someone that (in this case) they’ve never even met.

Thanks Jenny for making cards, bonbons, various gift boxes and other paper crafts to sell at Christmas time and then giving all the proceeds to ZOE

To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love.


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