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July 29, 2016 - Comments Off on What does it take to help somebody?

What does it take to help somebody?

Few people can respond as fast as this group of amazing students from Waverley Christian College!!!

After hearing about ZOE and their work to combat the trafficking of children at a recent Chapel service the Student Representative Council got together and were spurred into action.

They arranged a meeting with the Deputy Head of Secondary and organised a free dress day with the proceeds going to ZOE!


Many people ask ZOE:

"What can I do to help?"

I think that this group of students have answered that question for all of us.

When they heard about someone who needed help they ...

"Took Immediate Action"

We are inspired by you guys at Waverley Christian College, you have shown us how we can all #DoOneThing

One thing


July 25, 2016 - No Comments!

Family Friendly This Fall

ZOE’s Annual ZOE Rescue Walk is in just 4 months. Though this sounds like it’s a ways out, time seems to be flying by lately that it will be here in no time.

This year will be our 5th Walk. Hundreds, both adults and children, come together to this event to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. Though the issue can be very dark and overwhelming, there is something that we can all do to make a difference…to join together in the fight against human trafficking. Our Walk date is November 5th, 2016 and will begin at LA Mission College and end at El Cariso Park in Sylmar, CA. Each year, there is a different focus that is highlighted at the Walk. This year’s focus is MY FIGHT. It is based on our new program at ZOE called My Generation My Fight  that emerged out of the heart of a child who was born to fight injustice.

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July 18, 2016 - No Comments!

A Special Surprise for ZOE Teachers

A few days ago, it was "Wai Kru" Day in Thailand.  On this day, students pay respect to their teachers to show gratitude.  Public schools celebrate this day with a Wai Kru ceremony which incorporates Buddhist traditions such as prayer and rituals within their school.  Along with the ceremony, all of the students make a flower tray to give to their teachers.  The ZOE students do not recognize Wai Kru Day but rather honor our teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day, a different day.

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