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I’m gonna come and help you

What began as a 40 minute session was extended well past an hour as the students in year 5 & 6 continued to seek answers to their questions.

Their hearts had been touched, the injustice they felt for kids their age was evident.

They needed to know why it was happening and they needed an answer…today!

This is often what is so hard for all of us to grapple with as we work to fight slavery. We sit and have the questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’ has this happened. Then, given the enormity of the task, we can feel it is too big to solve, so we shift our focus onto other ‘more solvable’ matters.

But what happened amongst this group of students is that the questions started to shift, as they wanted to know what they could do ‘right now’ to help.

As we ended the session, their teacher, Miss Lucas asked the children to write their personal reflections of what they had learned about.

Immediately a student approached me with a serious question. He asked if I would keep doing ‘this’ for a while. Though unsure of the reason for his question, I answered "Yes, my plan is to continue for some time." He then asked if it would be 'years', to which I also answered "yes, I plan to continue this for many years." Satisfied with the response he said, "Good, 'cause once I finish school, I’m gonna come and help you."


The reports from Miss Lucas continued into the next day and the weeks to come. Some kids raised awareness through telling friends and family while others did fundraising by buying or selling ZOE colouring books. She wrote:

"You have definitely inspired our students.  The kids have been continuing to learn about the issue of human trafficking at school and have explored further the different perspectives of those involved in the trafficking and those trying to stop it, reflecting on the teachings of Jesus and Scripture and learning about human dignity." - Miss Lucas

...To be honest Miss Lucas, your students have inspired me!

Note from student

Reflection about slavery


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