Our aim is to restore every area of a child’s life and help them to become confident adults who will then go on and help others and contribute positively to society.  At ZOE, our Life Skills Program is designed to equip children with the skills need for adulthood.  It covers a wide variety of areas such as banking, job interview techniques, and getting around town.  

We have developed a wide range of classes to give teenagers specific training that increases childrens understanding of different occupations and gives them a valuable starting point for their adult lives.  For some of the ZOE children the Life Skills Program is linked in the Vocational Program that gives job specific training.

At ZOE we believe in family and so kids don't 'age-out.'   In Thailand, we have a Transitional Home for young adults aged 18 years old and over. ZOE have a range of people who provide support to these young adults including mentors who walk alongside them, as they get begin full-time work, complete distance education, vocational training or begin University.   

Our aim is to move children towards independence by helping them establish personal goals and keeping them accountable to achieve them.  Our support continues until each young person’s individual milestone has been reached.