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ZOE Foundation Australia is part of the global ZOE movement which has been combating child trafficking since 2002. “ZOE” is the Greek word for “Life.”

The ZOE International originated in the United States as a non-profit organisation founded by Mike and Carol Hart in 2002. In 2003, ZOE International Foundation began in Thailand and has since been granted legal status by the government of Thailand, enabling the foundation to own and operate ZOE Children’s Homes.
ZOE Foundation Australia was established as a not-for-profit in 2011, under the auspices of ZOE, by a group of passionate Australians who have joined the ZOE movement to abolish child trafficking in our lifetime.

ZOE has provided comprehensive aftercare to 115 children; in 2010 built a 40,000 sq.ft. facility increasing its capacity to accommodate up to 250 children; operates two off-site safe houses for rehabilitation and counseling, short-term specialised care to facilitate trial processes and witness protection; and runs a 2-year vocational school for young adults with a focus on developing future anti-trafficking leaders via training in leadership, moral/ biblical based instruction, practical vocational skills, English/Thai language classes, and business skills.

ZOE employs more than 55 full-time local staff and has 20 full-time adult Australian and American field workers and four full-time and three part-time USA staff.