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August 31, 2020 - No Comments!


Why is PREVENTION important and necessary?

Because it means trafficking is stopped before it happens.

A future rescue is avoided - along with many years of healing and restoration. 

It’s why we see the value in education, empowering communities and bringing trafficking awareness. 

While some places are currently in lock-down due to the second wave of corona-virus, ZOE’s work to ”prevent,” ”educate,” and ”bring awareness to” trafficking continues.

Both in Australia and Thailand, our teams have adapted their methods of reaching students. This has meant we can continue preventing child exploitation and equipping teenagers to remain safe.

People often ask us, "But what can I do?"

Well, we’d love you to adopt these 3 simple ways:


You can also spend some time learning more facts about trafficking on our website. 

Or, why not do a refresher on some of the signs of what human trafficking looks like? 


Still wanting more ideas?

  • Person of faith? Pray for ZOE’s work in Prevention, Rescue and Restoration (join a prayer group or get a prayer guide). Email Brett for details.
  • Watch and share videos, blog posts and social media feeds. (here and here)
  • Petition for ZOE’s Year 9 or 10 curriculum to be used in your school. (click here)

Parent of a teen? Watch the free online Chapel video with your child.

July 29, 2020 - No Comments!

Education: Bringing Powerful Change

ZOE Australia believes that ‘Education’ is one of the key ways in which students of all ages can gain understanding and knowledge about the issues surrounding modern slavery and, in particular, child trafficking. 

It is through a combination of informal learning at home, and formal learning during school time, that children develop personal and social skills. Even from a very young age, children interact with others - beginning to learn and explore issues such as fairness, respect and problem solving skills. 

As children grow and are exposed to more complex human rights issues, education gives them opportunities to learn, challenge, problem-solve, influence and contribute to bringing about change, in powerful ways. 

ZOE helps Australians to learn about the local and global issues involving the exploitation of children by building understanding, empathy, and a sense of shared responsibility. 

Through education, ZOE seeks to equip and empower whole communities (parents, staff, teachers and students) to prevent child trafficking from occurring, by offering relevant curriculum resources and informative tool kits.  We use our experience gained from working with child trafficking survivors along with current research and methodologies to work alongside leaders, educators and influencers to learn, assist, collaborate, develop and produce resources that will change attitudes and behaviours.  

We have developed several (free) secondary school curriculums for teachers to use. We currently have a team of Australian teachers collaborating to write a primary school curriculum to cover important issues relating to slavery. 

We see informal education (awareness) as an important way to engage with larger communities, or specific industries, by sharing information and resources that will equip them to be a voice for change, and to know how to effectively contribute to prevent (and end) child trafficking in their sphere. That’s why we developed our toolkits.

We believe that our toolkits can help bring awareness in industries such as: health, tourism, travel, sports, farming, clothing/fashion, hospitality and can be used by social-action groups. 

For faith-based communities like churches, youth and children’s ministry, we have prayer-based guides which focus on God’s heart for the fatherless. Over time, we believe like-minded people will respond to the stories, information and the ‘heart’ behind ZOE’s work. 

By using ZOE’s curriculums, toolkits and guides, individuals, groups and whole communities will better understand and change their actions towards others - whether directly or indirectly - igniting a movement that will bring about powerful change.  

May 30, 2020 - No Comments!

Why There is No ‘Rest’ in Restoration!

No ‘rest’ in restoration? Let's explore that...

At ZOE, there is an active team of people whose mission and purpose it is to see child trafficking survivors come to full healing and wellness. This core group of ‘restorers’ includes parents, staff, tutors, mentors, school teachers, social workers, counsellors, music teachers, older siblings and friends. It is their relentless love and acceptance that helps children begin a journey of reclaiming what was lost, and starting a new life; not just repaired, but recreated!  

As a Christian organisation we believe that God's heart is for restoration. And we like to focus on the biblical meaning of the word ‘restoration’ which is to “receive back more than has been lost to the point where the final state is greater than the original condition.” 

At ZOE we see this first-hand - lives genuinely improved beyond measure. 

Unlike the regular dictionary meaning of "restoration" which is to return something back to its original condition, the biblical definition of the word has greater connotations that go above and beyond the typical everyday usage. Repeatedly throughout the Bible, God blesses people for their faith and hardships by making up for their losses and giving them more than they previously had before. (

This month in Australia, we are focusing on Restoration … without rest! What does that mean?

Don’t worry, our staff and fieldworkers will still get to sleep at night and take their day off, but we will not stop fighting. We continue to be positioned with a willingness to do things that are hard. We will not rest from championing for families ... for healing... for rescued lives. Restoration takes effort. It takes never giving up when it’s difficult. Never letting go when there’s resistance. It takes persistence and passion for something, even in the face of challenges. Why? 

Why will we never rest from ‘restoration’? Because it matters! 

Every smile, every tear, every victory, every struggle for each and every precious life we see transformed is important. It means everything to them. 

How can you help?

This month, as tax time approaches, we ask that you would consider taking a stand for RESTORATION. We’d love for you to partner with us as we continue to help child survivors receive healing and new life within a loving family and community.

Will you say #norest with us this June?