Join us in fervent prayer as we unite to fight human trafficking on the spiritual battlefront to combat child trafficking, seek wisdom for impactful initiatives, and foster restoration both in Australia and globally. 

Take action against human trafficking by downloading our newly revised Prayer Guide.

Engage in the powerful fight through prayer — the most wonderful and effective way. Click the button below to access the ZOE Prayer Guide, which provides devotionals and specific guidance on praying for the spiritual aspects of human trafficking.

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Discover the vital prayer needs in Australia and globally and join us in fervent prayer for these crucial issues.

In Australia:

  • Greater awareness and understanding of child trafficking in Australia
  • Wisdom for next stage of work in Australia
  • Research project
  • Development of the Treehouse Game
  • God’s help building suitable restorative services here in Australia
  • Help us see the vulnerable in our own communities
  • Show us opportunities to serve them (Eg. foster care, relief care, practical needs, mentoring, etc)
  • Children who need help will not “fall through the cracks” because they don’t meet the criteria of a support service
  • Collaboration and unity across support services
  • The Church would rise up and be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • More foster carers to enter the system to meet placement needs for vulnerable children
  • Children who need help will not be placed in situations of greater harm (motels, hotels, caravan parks)
  • The best interests of the child to be considered when agencies review their cases and place them in alternative care arrangements
  • God to comfort and heal children who are brokenhearted, lonely, lost and confused, and place them in families.
  • God’s provision for restorative work - including finances, location/space, specially trained team
  • Cultural humility for work done here - that we remain curious of others’ stories and create the right support to suit them
  • For invitations by others in the field, to “sit at the table” as key discussions / decisions take place
  • For Government funding - significantly increase our reach
  • For greater awareness of the work of ZOE, so we can be recognised as a referral pathway for survivors / those at-risk in Australia



  • Perseverance in prayer
  • That traffickers’ hearts would change and that children would be free.
  • Open our eyes to see the vulnerable
  • Open our ears to hear their cries
  • May our hearts then be moved into action
  • Show us our part in responding to what we see/hear
  • Let the world see God’s love, justice and mercy through our lives
  • People to rise up and embrace the lonely, isolated, unsupervised and unprotected children.
  • Fill us with a desire to help children who are in vulnerable situations.
  • Show us our part in responding to what we see/hear
  • Help us to be able to reunite children to their family. Pray for strong families.
  • That God would provide safe homes for children.
  • Physical restoration for survivors.
  • Saul to Paul conversions for those committing crimes against children. Many more “lost” reached with the Gospel, turning from their ways, many children released.
  • Wisdom for law enforcement, investigators, undercover operatives, social workers and those who work in areas of child protection.
  • Emotional healing for survivors.
  • Miraculous pathways of escape for those trapped in slavery.
  • God would give victims of trafficking eyes to see these paths and empower them with the courage to run.
  • Spiritual renewal for survivors. Come to know the abundant life God has for them.
  • New dreams and passions to arise in survivors - study, vocation, family, purpose


USA and Thailand:

  • Newly rescued children, healing, restoration, understanding their identity.
  • The spiritual struggle in the lives of children


Wisdom & Discernment

  • Knowing whom to partner with
  • Wisdom with which projects to undertake
  • Stewardship of resources & funds
  • Heavenly solutions & strategy to problems
  • Discerning seasons
  • Wisdom and discernment for parents/carers*, police & child protection (*In 85-90% of cases, the perpetrator is known to the child. They groom both the child and parent to gain access)



  • Trusting God’s “Yes”, “No”, and “Not Now”
  • Obedience even without understanding
  • Entrusting God’s children to Him while we wait for breakthrough
  • Holding our plans/ideas with open hands
  • Surrender / sharing of resources even when they seem limited


The Spiritual Battle

  • Protection for those God is inviting into this battle, and their families
  • More intercessory prayer warriors to join us
  • Plans of enemy & network of perpetrators to be frustrated, shut down, exposed