ZOE works to identify, rescue, and protect child victims of human trafficking alongside Government and Law Enforcement.

ZOE seeks to:

  • Identify, rescue, and protect child victims of human trafficking
  • Identify, rescue, and protect at-risk orphans
  • Collaborate in rescue alongside Government and Law Enforcement
  • Assist children during the prosecution and citizenship process

In Thailand, ZOE works with regional and national task forces and is actively working with Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children (TICAC) and is a member of the Anti-Trafficking Multidisciplinary Task Force (MDT) of northern Thailand.  The MDT of northern Thailand includes Thai government members; the Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security, the Immigration Department, Transnational Crime Unit Police Region 5 (TCU), the law enforcement agency responsible for anti-trafficking activity in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand and NGOs. ZOE also assists the work at the Child Advocacy Centres (CACs). 

A key part of the ZOE rescue strategy is the identification of victims-survivors.  In Australia, there is a lack of data when it comes to the crime of child trafficking — specifically relating to the sexual exploitation of children, domestically.  ZOE is working on ways to increase the identification of children in Australia.


"Without you all, I may not have today. 
I used to live in the darkness and you rescued me."

— Child

ZOE provides direct assistance to law enforcement through social workers, child advocates, translators and other support personnel who accompany police on recovery operations.

These effective partnerships have led to the identification and rescue of child victims from sexual and labour trafficking, along with the successful prosecution of the perpetrators.

“Human trafficking is a complex issue that cannot be solved by any agency alone. Rather, the success in this endeavour requires coordination both in terms of information, resources, and authorities among various concerned agencies. The Thai law enforcement agencies are aware of the need for such collaboration with relevant partners, particularly NGOs, in all dimensions of the prevention and suppression of human trafficking, resulting in greater understanding and collaboration with NGOs during the past years. Key NGO partners include HUG Project, Zoe International, One Sky Foundation, A21 Foundation, and For Freedom International Foundation.”

— Royal Thai Government’s Country Report on Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts, 2019

"TICAC partnered with NGOs such as HUG Project, Spring Project, Freedom International Foundation, Zoe International Foundation, For Freedom International Foundation, and End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism Foundation (ECPAT) to enhance capacity building for officials working with child-centred and trauma-informed care approaches."

— Royal Thai Government’s Country Report on Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts, 2021

In addition, ZOE has assisted on cases with the Australian Federal Police, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) and hosted and met with many international law enforcement agencies and task forces such as the Foreign Anti-Narcotic and Crime Community, including; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), New Zealand Police, Netherlands Police, Belgium Federal Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Swiss Federal Police, German Police (BKA), Swedish Police, National Crime Agency (NCA) (UK).