ZOE International fields a multidisciplinary investigative team that identifies orphans and other vulnerable children who are ‘at-risk’ of trafficking. Once victims have been identified, the team works with the dedicated men and women of the government’s social services, legal services and local law enforcement to conduct rescue operations.

In Thailand, ZOE works with regional and national taskforces and is actively working with Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children (TICAC) and is a member of the Anti-Trafficking Multi-Disciplinary Task Force (MDT) of northern Thailand.  The MDT of northern Thailand includes Thai government members; the Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Security, Immigration Department, Transnational Crime Unit Police Region 5 (TCU), and the law enforcement agency responsible for anti-trafficking activity in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand and NGOs.

ZOE provide support to the MDT through fact-finding; affording translation services between human trafficking victims and Thai government personnel; preparing evidence for trial; and providing aftercare and protection for rescued children.

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In addition, ZOE has partnered with Australian Federal Police, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Homeland Security Investigations. These effective partnerships resulted in identifying and rescuing hundreds of victims from sex and labor trafficking in conjunction with conducting raids, which led to prosecution cases and convictions.