ZOE protects the identity and dignity of children and does not show trafficked children.

ZOE value the contribution of the volunteers who give their time and expertise. ZOE currently has volunteers who assist on a project or at an event.

Please note: ZOE are often asked if people can volunteer by travelling overseas to directly engage in rescue operations. Honestly, this question comes from a great place as it shows people's hearts to take action - and we love that, but we do not offer this as a volunteer role.

The work of ZOE is different in each country, but the role of ZOE staff is to assist rescue/recovery operations at the request of, and alongside law enforcement.  ZOE staff fill a range of specific operational roles such as; child protection, evidence collection, social work, child advocacy or other roles as requested by law enforcement.

How you can join the ZOE volunteer team


The way we will prevent child trafficking is by building a community of people who are aware and educated about Modern Slavery. That is why we always ask people to firstly 'volunteer' their time to do the ZOE Pathway To Preventing Child Trafficking online course.

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Not ready to do the course yet?

Here are 3 things you can do now


Inspire the next generation with the knowledge to make ethical purchasing decisions and the tools to use their voice, by using the free ZOE curriculum in your school.


It's so rewarding to use your skills and talents for a good cause. Holding your own online fundraiser is a great way to raise both awareness and money, to put a stop to child trafficking.

Help spread the word about ZOE's important work by sharing posts from our Facebook or Instagram page. Additionally, you can download the ZOE Media & Fundraising Kit, which includes social posts and stories to use your influence in the fight to STOP child trafficking.


Our current focuses in Australia are aimed to increase understanding about child trafficking globally, through education and events in Australia, and increase awareness of and support for children in Australia.

Current volunteer opportunities may be things such as; helping ZOE at an event, helping ZOE to coordinate events or fundraisers and other projects.  We also aim to to match people's skills with a specific need in areas like; research, law, policy, proofreading, media or even helping to acquire in-kind donations for families doing out of home care.

Once you have completed Step 1, please email info@gozoe.org.au and let us know how you would like to help.

Please note that as we are a small team we may not be able to facilitate all requests.

Remember, a great place to begin your volunteer journey is for you to consider how you are ‘wired’ and gifted, and how you can use that to engage others.

Listed below are some other ways that you can engage.