ZOE works to prevent the trafficking and exploitation of children.  Individual, family, social, economic, and demand-related factors, can collectively contribute to increasing the vulnerability of children to exploitation.

ZOE seeks to:

  • Educate every sector of society about human trafficking
  • Identify and train vulnerable children and communities
  • Equip local advocates in communities to provide protection
  • Collaborate to develop long-term solutions to end child trafficking


ZOE's goal is to prevent child trafficking by focusing on education, identifying at-risk children, providing training, and fostering collaboration.

In Thailand, the ZOE team collaborates closely with government agencies and law enforcement to conduct comprehensive human trafficking awareness education. ZOE extends its outreach to educational institutions, social workers, community gatherings, as well as key figures in both urban and remote regions.

Across both Australia and Thailand, ZOE engages in extensive travel to empower individuals of all ages by equipping them with valuable resources, achieved through educational initiatives and heightened consciousness.

Since 2010, ZOE Australia has been actively delivering presentations in schools, churches, business collectives, community functions, as well as via various online and offline channels, including social media and interactive courses.

In 2014, ZOE developed free curriculum for Year 10, Unit 2: Geographies of Human Wellbeing, providing downloadable versions to align with the standards set by the Australian Curriculum. The curriculum was written by Mark Easton, an accomplished author who has authored, co-authored, or contributed to over forty student textbooks and educator guides, designed to assist teachers in optimising resources within the classroom environment.

In 2020, ZOE introduced an additional free curriculum for Year 9, Unit 2: Geographies of Interconnections. These resources, have been eagerly embraced by hundreds of educators across Australia, fostering awareness and understanding of the global issue of child trafficking and modern slavery.

Want to know more about ZOE USA, ZOE MEXICO, ZOE JAPAN and ZOE Thailand?

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